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Our Story:

In October of 2020, brothers Cobb and Mark Ware were approached and offered the opportunity to become distributors of CASPR disinfection technology with a primary focus on the Alabama and Mississippi markets. CASPR (Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction), originally marketed to hospitals and healthcare facilities, had developed applications for homes and businesses, and was proven to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi, both in the air and on surfaces, utilizing a proprietary technology called Natural Catalytic Conversion.

After extensive research, it was clear that this technology was in a league of it’s own, providing safe, effective, continuous disinfection without the use of chemicals, and without producing ozone.

Since launching Clean Surface in December of 2020, the company has experienced exponential growth, with a list of clients that includes schools, restaurants, government buildings, churches, manufacturing facilities, medical offices, casinos, corporate offices, and many residential homes.

Our Mission is simple: To protect our clients, their employees, and customers by providing safe, effective, continuous disinfection technology in their indoor spaces. We deliver this world-class solution with the highest level of integrity, genuine care, and personal attention.

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