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CASPR Compact


CASPR Compact ensures that no matter your setting, you are still able to protect your air and surface with CASPR technology.

CASPR Compact is the only CASPR device that includes an “Away” mode feature which provides a more powerful output. Away mode is set with a timer on your CASPR Compact or with the CASPR remote provided. CASPR Compact will revert back to Normal mode after the timer is up or as soon as you push the Normal mode button on your remote or CAPSR Compact unit. Normal mode is the recommended setting for continuous coverage of occupied spaces. CASPR is safe for people, pets, and plants. And, like all CASPR solutions, the output of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing molecules is well below OSHA and NIOSH limits.
Square Footage: 1500

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✔️ Up to 99.6% kill rate on surfaces

✔️ Effective against bacteria/viruses

✔️ Easy installation, low maintenance

✔️ Effective against odors and VOCs

✔️ Safe, discreet, and virtually silent

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Solutions for Any Application. CASPR units come in a variety of sizes and typically a combination of units are used to cover a space.
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CASPR Pro units are suited for all indoor areas where people live or work. Once installed and turned on, CASPR provides continuous and automated air and surface protection for your entire facility.
CASPR Compact
Square Footage: 1500
CASPR Compact is a plug-and-play solution - no installation required. Equipped with its own fan, this unit will provide the proper dose up to 1500 sq. ft.
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The CASPR Tile units are suited for any indoor area where people live or work. Once installed and turned on, you’ll have surface protection in the entire building. A variety of units can be utilized to cover large areas.
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CASPR Transit has been designed specifically for buses and trains, where odors can rapidly become a nuisance for users, and where bacteria and mold are hard to control.