CASPR Group utilizes a proprietary Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC). The NCC includes a multi-wavelength bulb and coated mixed metal matrix which work together with your ambient air to turn hydrogen and oxygen molecules into low but stable levels of Hydrogen Peroxide. CASPR requires a minimum of 5% humidity and air flow to generate these molecules.

CASPR Group’s solutions do not produce any ozone.

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The CASPR technology has a kill rate of up to 99.96% on surfaces. It is effective against mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and VOCs. The technology produces no residues, noises, or odors. It is easy to install and requires low maintenance.

Continuous Coverage

Unlike periodical treatments, CASPR works continuously through your air flow, requires no labor, and eliminates human error.

Easy Installation

Our Duct Mounted units are easily installed in your ductwork, and our Compact units require no installation.

No Chemicals

CASPR produces highly effective oxidizing molecules through a natural process, without the use of potentially harmful chemical agents.

Low Maintenance

All unit types require minimal maintenance. Every 18-24 months the bulb and cell will need to be replaced to work at maximum efficiency. This only costs around 10% of your initial investment.

Works on All Surfaces

CASPR technology has a kill rate of up to 99.96% on every surface in your facility.

Safe Operation

CASPR Pro units are suited for all indoor areas where people live or work. Like all CASPR solutions, the output of hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing molecules is well below OSHA and NIOSH limits.

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